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Corn Island Weather

The weather system for Corn Island are rather intriguing. There is a dry season, a rainy season and of course like all Tropical islands, a hurricane season. Being located off the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua the passing currents have a great affect on the weather patterns there.


Rainy season lasts from about Mid May to October. During this time you can expect a lot of rain but mainly in the early mornings or the afternoon. The rains are actually a welcome event because the average temperatures on Corn island range from about 32 degrees celcius to a whopping 42 degrees celcius. These rains usually last for around one or two hours and then dry up again just as quickly.  The downside to this time of year is the humidity, think of walking into a sauna and that what it is like in Corn Island in the middle of the day during this season. During rainy season if you are going to Corn Island you should take a lot of mosquito repellent, and if you aren't staying in an air conditioned sealed room also a mosquito net as the buggers flourish in this season.


Right after rainy season Corn Island comes into hurricane season (when it rains it pours right?). Corn Island seems to be affected by at least one hurricane a year, usually just a lot of rain and heavy winds but it doesn't suffer too much. The most notable hurricanes were hurricane Mitch of 1997, Hurricane Felix of 2007 and hurricane Ida of 2009. In all these instances not a lot of damage was done to Corn Island so they have had good luck in that respect. If you are interested in snorekling for scuba diving in the Corn Island area, hurricane season is not the best time to do it, even if the weather is nice, the water gets all churned up and you can see any of the wonderful wildlife that you can during other times of the year. However, if you are interested in a  surfing adenture hurricane season may just be for you. 


And finally after hurricane season has ended Corn Island enters into the dry season. This season lasts from about Mid January to mid May. This is the perfect time to go to Corn Island because the weather is fairly consistent, consisting of blue skys and not many clouds at all. The temperature is still between 34 degrees celcius and 42 degrees celcius, but as they say at least it's a dry heat. This means that when you go out of your air conditioned hotel room you don't feel like you are being slapped in the face with a wet towel.  This is the best time to go to Corn Island for snorkeling and Scuba diving as well as the waters during this time are really calm, which means that the clarity of the water is superb and you can see everything perfectly, almost like looking into the sky and seeing flying fish and other marine animals.





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